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Transformative Marketplaces
& Business Platform for MICE

The concept and technology behind our business platform bring new vision and dimension for the global $400bn MICE industry. We are changing the way how individual services behind Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions are promoted and contracted.

With our secondary marketplace project, we proved to disrupt the industry by fixing a broken process of contracting sophisticated event management services both at local as well as international level. Our innovation has delivered a win-win scenario for all involved.

In TRACTIMO, we aim to revolutionize the MICE industry, both for corporate and family events. Our laser-sharp marketplace focus and social brokerage concept fill in the missing link in the new network economy.

Featured in World Media
Featured in World Media
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TRACTIMO is a startup company striving to revolutionize the global $400bn MICE industry with its unique business platform and transformative marketplace projects.

In short, we are an e-commerce company targeting inefficiency and under-utilized assets and capacity in the Meeting industry.


We have a proven track record of changing the way how individual services behind Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions/Events (MICE) are promoted and contracted.

Our concept and marketplace technology measurably improve lives of event management professionals as well as regular people in charge of organizing services for a corporate or family event.

The company name, TRACTIMO, stands for TRANSFORMATIVE and smart CONTRACTING, your improved business TRACTION, and efficient use of TIME and Operational resources. All simplified and packed in a readily available app that anybody can use.

Our TRACTIMO team has a strong background in IT, e-commerce and event management industry, with proven track record in startup development.

Our Flagship Product

We have started our quest back in 2013 with the most difficult challenge in event management – weddings – and solved broken process of their cancellations. As most of you know, weddings are expensive, very personal and therefore very difficult to handle. Canceling them isn’t much cheaper. Only in the US, each year 13 % weddings get cancelled making it a market worth $7bil of the total $55bil wedding market.

In the event of wedding cancellation, depending on how far in advance the decision is made, the couple (or their families) may be left with the entire bill to pay. If you were in their shoes, wouldn’t it be great if you could easily and securely resell your contracted wedding services to cost savvy couples and save thousands of dollars in paid deposits and cancellation fees which would be lost otherwise? How to do that?

It looks very easy when you say "let's sell or buy a canceled wedding", but if you take a closer look, it's not that easy - a canceled wedding is actually rights & obligations being sold and transferred from one couple to another. To do that you need a trusted authority and also an approval from the respective service providers (e.g. venue, caterer, photographer, etc.). You have to be exquisite in moving contracts to pull this through. The key aspect here is the ability to protect individual parties, streamline the process and have all information audited for the sake of clarity and transparency.

Selling a cancelled wedding plan and contracted services is a very complex problem that some say is impossible to solve as a scalable online service - but we have made it. We have figured out the process, algorithm and created such dedicated online marketplace and brokerage. It’s called, and it is gaining popularity with couples and wedding service providers all around the world.

Our secondary marketplace project offers unique social brokerage features for wedding service contracting, negotiation and secure transfers to cost savvy couples. It’s a win-win for everyone because the selling couple doesn’t lose all their money sunk in nonrefundable deposits and cancellation fees while the buying couple gets a really good bargain.  At the same time, wedding service providers have now a simple solution how to deal with wedding cancellations and unsold late availabilities. They don’t lose a date that they weren’t able to sell at full price and even enjoy new incremental revenues.

The innovation behind our flagship marketplace created upside in event cancellation, helping couples and wedding service providers to save measurably and even make money.

Our online marketplace for canceled wedding plans and last minute deals is currently native in the USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, India, Germany, and Austria. The service is used by couples and event professionals from all around the world.

We have received great media coverage from Fortune, Wall Street Journal, Money, FOX Business, New York Post, New York Times, US NEWS, BBC, The Independent, The Huffington Post, DIE WELT, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Der Standard, Stern, Focus, to Men’s Health, Biobío Chile, Bravo and others.

But wait, it’s not all only about e-commerce of weddings and honeymoons.

Our Vision

If you look around at how different market segments and whole industries have changed due to the Internet and the network economy, you realize that for the MICE industry to adapt, it has to change. We, at TRACTIMO, are here to disrupt the status quo and enable this change.

Based on our growing know-how and position, we, at TRACTIMO, plan to leverage on our flagship project and unified business platform. We plan to launch other vertical marketplaces for key aspects of the entire MICE industry.

We focus on secondary and late availability marketplace projects. Our vertical marketplaces, share the same concept, scalable business model, processes, algorithms, big data and infrastructure. Their value proposition is well focused on a specific target group. At the same time, our verticals are to work in harmony as the future of MICE e-commerce.

TRACTIMO’s smart marketplaces are optimized for efficient promotion, sale, and resale of sophisticated event management services that are the backbone of the meeting industry. These are very complex operations, because unlike transacting tangible objects or simple services, event management services are more demanding, cost more and are to be delivered in distant future. They are intangibles - only contracts with rights and obligations. These particular conditions exceed the scope and ability of marketplaces today.

Our marketplaces are aimed to empower its users (sellers, buyers, service providers) to promote easily and transact their services and contracts no matter if it’s a big or small event. Let it be corporate or a family. It is all about new opportunities, savings, and great prices.


Mission Statement

Our mission, at TRACTIMO, is to measurably improve business efficiency of MICE service providers by noninvasive, state-of-the-art processes, technology, and marketing. All integrated into a unified business platform which powers our innovative customer-oriented marketplaces. We believe that by helping MICE service providers to overcome issues associated with economic uncertainty and broken processes, we bring better experience and fair value to their customers. Win-win is our ultimate goal.

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 Proudly Featured In  World Media


 The Global Footprint 

We strive to think global and play local.

We operate  our global event management marketplace and brokerage in 9 countries (USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, India, Germany and Austria) but have customers from all around the world.

New Zealand
Market size of 400 Billion USD
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Specialized in weddings, vow renewals and honeymoons, is an innovative online marketplace and brokerage for canceled weddings and vendor late availabilities.


Innovative online marketplace for canceled events and vendor late availabilities. Operates in conjunction with, since a canceled wedding can become a great setting for a family celebration or corporate event.


Buy & Sell cancelled hotel bookings.

Online marketplace for smart booking
& risk mitigation.

Based on our growing know-how and position, we plan to gradually launch other vertical marketplaces for key aspects of the entire MICE industry, while leveraging our unified platform.



495 Grand Boulevard
Suite 206
Miramar Beach, Florida 32550

San Francisco, CA, USA

Prague, Czech Republic


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